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SINCON 2021 Conference — Threat Hunting: No Longer a Want, But a Need — by Harvey Goh

SINCON 2021 Conference — BizComm Talk

Day 2 (06 Nov 2021) 11.30am—12.00pm @ Open Stage

Threat Hunting: No Longer a Want, But a Need


With the evolving threat landscape, defenders need not just arm themselves with tools, but with human expertise too.

About Harvey Goh

With more than a decade worth of experience in cyber security, understanding the hardships of deploying and maintaining security systems during the beginning years as a Support Engineer, it is important to understand how to balance security, performance and operations.

Cyber Security is always evolving as technology advances and keeping up requires strong drive and interest in the field.

Cyber Security is a broad topic, and understanding how they are all connected; from network security, endpoints, authentication, cloud security to threat intelligence, is key to developing a strong and resilient security framework against emerging threats.

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