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SINCON 2021 Conference — Security Observations in 2021 — by Jonar Marzan

SINCON 2021 Conference — BizComm Talk

Day 2 (06 Nov 2021) 11.00am—11.30am @ Open Stage

Security Observations in 2021


Cybersecurity trends are fast-evolving as our infrastructure, networks, and devices change according to prevailing needs. Horangi Cyber Strategy Consultant Jonar Marzan dives into 2 major observations in 2021 plus best practices he's seen to work in response to these trends.

About Jonar Marzan

JONAR MARZAN, Cyber Strategy Consultant at Horangi, is a cybersecurity thought leader who provides strategic direction to organizations. Jonar has hands-on experience in technical assessments and implementation of Next-Gen Security Technologies.

In more than a decade of technology and cybersecurity practice, Jonar has worked with various organizations from big multinational financial institutions to small and medium-sized enterprises. With a combination of global, regional, and local experience, Jonar is able to solve complex problems by leading different, diverse and disparate teams of business and technical resources to deliver innovative solutions and succinctly communicate cyber risk that leaders care about.

Jonar Marzan holds security certifications including CISSP and ISO27001 (Lead Implementer, Internal Auditor).

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