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Invisible Battle — Wireless Offence & Defence — by Chai Kunzhe & Yang Yunfei

#IICSG2018 Conference Deep-Tech Track

Day 2 (25 May 2018)


@ Stamford Ballroom (Olivia)


In this presentation, we will show you how to implement the protection system of enterprise wireless networks using a wireless honeypot, and how to find wireless vulnerabilities through fuzzing. 
In defending enterprise wireless networks, Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) is widely deployed to detect and defend Cracking Attacks, Denial-of-Service (DoS) Attacks, Rogues Devices, etc. However, hackers can still break the wireless network and gain access to the Intranet in some cases, and the WIPS may not identify the attackers. 
Hackers usually choose vulnerable wireless networks as the first attack vector. So if we set up a vulnerable wireless honeypot, it can attract the attention of attackers. We will show you why wireless honeypot is a good complementary measure to WIPS. 
Then we will explain how to design and implement a WiFi Fuzzer. We will focus on finding the vulnerabilities in implementations of wireless protocols in wireless adapter drivers. Many implementations in the application layer may also have vulnerabilities such as buffer overflow. We will introduce the principle and structure of a WiFi Fuzzer. 

About Chai Kunzhe

Chai Kunzhe (Hacker Handle: sweeper) is the leader of the PegasusTeam at Radio Security Research Department of 360 Technology. He is responsible for the wireless security of 360 Technology, inventor of SkyScan (Tianxun) Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS), and one of the authors of the Chinese wireless security product standard documents. He is also the inventor of the first fake/rogue base station defence system. 

About Yang Yunfei

Yang Yunfei (@qingxp9) is currently a wireless security researcher in the PegasusTeam of 360 Technology. He focuses on WLAN security research, wireless offensive and defensive product development. He is a guest lecturer at Northeastern University. He made serial presentations about WiFi hacking, UAV security on KCon, HITCON, FIT, CCF YOCSEF, DEFCON Group 010, etc. 
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