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Deep-Web Analysis & Threat Monitoring with Machine Learning — by Louis Hur

#IICSG2018 Conference Deep-Tech Track

Day 1 (24 May 2018)


@ Stamford Ballroom (Olivia)


NSHC Inc. has been building a system that crawls and parses every pages on the deep/dark web. We put this system and OSINT up together for cyber crime investigation. This talk will cover how important data is just on the web and how to put together for threat analysis and criminal profiling. Furthermore, how to apply machine learning to this intelligence service will be covered.

About Louis Hur

Louis Hur is the CEO & Founder of NSHC Inc. He is responsible for NSHC’s day-to-day operations, as well as leading the company’s security product development and technology strategy. He is recognized throughout the security industry for his research in multiple areas including adversary profiling, industrial control systems security and software vulnerability research & analysis. He has more than 15 years of field-proven experience in security business that helps clients reduce their enterprise-wide IT security risk. He is also a frequent speaker on cyber security issues and has appeared as an expert advisor in various media outlets and conferences, including HK TV, MBC, Black Hat, HITCON, ISEC, CISO Forum and Safe-Square. 
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