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05 January 2023, 12.30pm-1.30pm

Venue: voco Orchard Singapore, 581 Orchard Road, Singapore 238883

A by-invite-only seminar that aims to strengthen the knowledge of C-suite and senior officers, from both the public and private sectors, so they can effectively lead the cybersecurity function in their organisation. 

Join our specially curated leaders and experts in an insightful session, over an exquisite lunch, and learn how to manage next-generation risks, threats, and vulnerabilities.



Welcome Address

Adrian M. & Emil Tan, Organisers & Founders @ Infosec In the City, SINCON


Cyber Threat Intelligence: Innovate Your Detection, Hunting, and Response Capabilities

Dmitry Volkov, CEO @ Group-IB

The APAC region has witnessed a tremendous growth spurt in recent years when it comes to digital transformation and commercial growth. However, a significant downside is the disruption caused by increasing cyberattacks in the region. This brief session is especially pivotal in analysing the APAC region’s complex threat landscape and how organisations can best navigate it by strengthening their security posture. 

Also, gain a critical perspective into how adversary-centric intelligence can strengthen modern businesses' detection, hunting, and response capabilities against emerging cyber threats. 

Ransomware: The Security Debt Collector

Dave Lewis, Global Advisory CISO @ Cisco

High-profile ransomware news stories grabbed headlines a few years ago, but faded in popularity through 2018 as other attacks like cryptojacking grew more profitable. Since the first months of 2020, ransomware attacks are steadily on the rise and are in the news again! Join this session with Global Advisory CISO Dave Lewis from Cisco Secure to catch up on the historical rise and fall (and rise…) of ransomware from floppy disks to RaaS (ransomware-as-a-service), why it’s seen a resurgence in popularity along with recent data on the state of ransomware currently, and how you can improve your defences against ransomware attacks.

Do You Remember When the Ransomware Gang Gave Up After 5 Days? Me Neither.

Benjamin Harris, CEO & Founder @ watchTowr

The aggression, persistence and speed of today's adversaries has changed significantly — forcing organisations to evolve their approach to proactive defense. In this talk, we will share about this evolution, and what we see forward-looking organisations doing in response to this "new normal".

A Measurable Process Model for Cybersecurity

Dr. Malcolm Shore, Offensive Security

The traditional approach to managing an information security programme is to implement an Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on one or a combination of standards such as the ISO 27001, COBIT, or NIST Cybersecurity Framework.  The effectiveness of the programme is then assessed with annual audits.  However, the ongoing success of cyber attacks through phishing, ransomware, and other means argues that the current approach to managing cybersecurity programmes is ineffective.  In this talk, we will present an architected operating model for cybersecurity management which, through its design, enables measurement of both its process maturity and its security controls effectiveness. By adopting regular or real-time reporting using this model, organisations can improve cybersecurity assurance and increase the effectiveness of their cybersecurity programme.

Cyber Insurance: Why Do Threats Matter?

Joel Lee, CEO & Co-Founder @ Protos Labs

Recent high-profile cyber attacks against the likes of Merck and Mondelez have triggered significant cyber insurance payouts in excess of billions of dollars. This has caused a hardening of the cyber insurance market and exposed fundamental flaws in the way cyber insurers model and price cyber risks today. In this session, we leverage our experience working with a cyber insurer in Malaysia to share our views on how insurers need to move from a risk-based approach to a threat-based approach when it comes to a dynamic product like cyber.

The Future of SOC

Muhammad Shahir Mohd Sharil, Head of SOC @ Vigilant Asia

How SOC needs to evolve to combat the fast changing threat landscpae. I will talk about the current state of SOC, how threats evolve, how SOC needs to evolve in parallel to the threats, and how to build cyber resiliency through SOC.

The Importance of Cybersecurity Innovation Ecosystem and Corporate Involvement

Brian Koh, Director @ NUS Enterprise

A thriving cybersecurity innovation ecosystem consists of entrepreneurs, investors, incubators, government agencies, institutions of higher education, and corporate organizations. Innovation and growth within communities are bolstered by corporate involvement, which brings advanced technologies and expertise. Find out how corporations can be more involved in sustaining cybersecurity innovation ecosystems in this sharing session.

How Good Is Your Cybersecurity Capacity? Peeling the Skillset Onion

Emil Tan, COO @ Red Alpha Cybersecurity

Improving your cybersecurity team's cyber defence capabilities goes beyond sending them for training, certifications, and conferences. In this talk, Emil will share the important attributes all cybersecurity practitioners need to nurture in order to future proof themselves against next-generation threats.


Disrupt the Thought, Attack the Cause

Ken Soh, Group CIO @ BH Global Corporation Ltd

Mainstream protection paradigms are no longer adequate. Disruptive technologies are critical in addressing the unceasingly dynamic landscape of advanced threats. The speaker would share concisely some unconventional approaches in infosec and appsec to strengthen security postures in enterprises and CIIs.

Closing Address

Faye Percival, Secretariat @ CREST Asia




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