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Today I Learned: Token Hijacking via PDF

PDF files are everywhere and they can be used to hack your web application. Imagine that the attacker prepares a malicious PDF file which steals sensitive data from a user. The PDF file is uploaded to the web application, the user reads this PDF file, and finally, sensitive data is exfiltrated from the user’s browser. It’s scary, isn’t it? 

In a free video Dawid Czagan (SINCON's Training Instructor) will show you-step-by step how this attack works and how you can check if your web application is vulnerable to this attack.

Watch this free video and feel the taste of Dawid Czagan’s Live Online Training ”Black Belt Pentesting / Bug Hunting Millionaire: Mastering Web Attacks with Full-Stack Exploitation” (the next run will be held on 27-28 Oct 2020) For more information, please visit

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