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#IICSG2018 — Learning Lab Village

Come discover cybersecurity skills through Immersive Labs — a gamified, practical learning environment where you can learn Novice to Ninja level skills through hands-on labs.

Who Is It For?

It is open to all event attendees regardless of skills level. Drop by the Learning Lab Village to register for the "Learn In 90 Minutes" segment you are interested in.

Who Do You Need?

A laptop with a browser and Internet access. We will have a limited number of laptops on a first-come-first-serve basis — bring your own to avoid disappointment.

Learn In 90 Minutes

We will be running different themes every 90 minutes for the learners to learn and test their skills. There will be 4 segments per day, starting at the following time:

  • 9am

  • 11am

  • 1.30pm

  • 3.30pm

The learning segments include:

  1. Cyber Investigation

  2. Windows, Linux and Tools

  3. Network Security

  4. Cyber SOC Analyst

  5. Web Security

  6. Security Testing

  7. Digital Forensics and Incident Response

  8. Mini-CTFs


There will be prizes for those who achieve the passing criteria for each segment. We will also be running leaderboard throughout the conference.

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