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Community Night

Date/Time: 24 May 2018, 6.30pm—LATE

Venue: @ IICSG2018 Conference

In support of the local community, it's #IICSG2018 will be hosting a mini-community-conference.

2018 Community Night: About



Community Night Welcome Address
By Emil Tan & Fadli Sidek, Skippers & Co-Founders, Division Zero (Div0)


From Blogging to Books
By Bill Pollock, No Starch Press


Track ⓵
Sniper Forensics
By Lim Quan Heng, Horangi

A targeted, deliberate approach to cyber investigations. For those interested in the modern approach to incident response and forensics, and the framework behind that.


Track ⓶
Securing the Physical Data Centre
By Physical Security Expert Panel

Want to learn more about how and what goes into planning to secure data centres? We have gathered experts (including data centre operators) to share about the types of physical access controls that are usually in place to prevent data centres from unauthorised access.


  • Joshua Au, Data Centre Manager (Panel Moderator)

  • Rep from Quintessential Solutions Pte Ltd

  • Rep from Ademcosecurity

  • Rep from Organisation Resilience Management 

  • Rep from DODID 


Track ⓷
Hack! Your Career In Cybersecurity
By IT Youth Council (ITYC), Singapore Computer Society (SCS)

Fancy learning how you can start or advance your career in cybersecurity from experts? Our industry partners will be sharing with you strategies on how to build your profile to bring out the best in you. [Learn More]


  • Tan Boon Kiat, Human Resources, Booz Allen Hamilton

  • Jonathan Phua, Director, InsiderSecurity

  • Huang Shao Fei, Director, Land Transport Authority (LTA)

  • Curtis Richard, Director, Asia Halcyon Knights


Track ⓵
Red Teaming for the Enterprise
By Mark Wee, PRISM Intelligence

Red teaming, a concept which has originated from the defence sector where resources and manpower are abundant, how does this translate into something feasible for the enterprise today where resources, manpower, and knowledge are under pressure?


Track ⓶
Chasing Ghosts In the Wire
By Vitaly Kamluk, Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab research team has spent almost a year tracking an ellusive threat actor that was responsible for one of the biggest cyber heists in history: Bangladesh Central Bank attack, which resulted in $81 million USD theft with an initial target over $951 million USD. Some time after the Bangladesh incident, we discovered the attackers in few other unusual places around the world and interrupted their attempts to steal large amounts of money. 

This talk will focus on advanced custom tools and smart techniques used during the attacks. Many of those tools and techniques rendered traditional incident response and forensic analysis useless. The presentation will contain answers of how such problems should be addressed in a better way. Considering that the attackers are still out there "in the wires", the presentation will conclude with our top recommendations to all potential targets. 

While the presentation will be based on a specific investigation, it contains valuable general insights into what a modern top-notch cyberattacks look like.


Track ⓵
Introduction to Red Team Operations
By Sunny Neo, Centurion InfoSec

This talk provides an overview of the differences between penetration testing and red teaming, along with the challenges faced when up against threat hunters and endpoint detection and response solutions. This includes avoiding detection by protecting and encrypting C2 network traffic and modifying the default settings and behaviors of common tools to avoid leaving behind obvious artifacts on the compromised host.


Track ⓶
Operation Retaliation: A Hacktivist Campaign No One Talks About
By [ ██ Ildaf ██ ]

Anonymous operations may not appear in the newspapers or the media as much as it used to but that doesn't mean it's not happening. In 2013, members of the Anonymous collective organized an operation targeted at a specific country and every year on 7 April, this operation still continues. While the operation received much coverage both by the media and security researchers, not many realized that there was also an operation organized to retaliate against it. This operation also started in 2013 and still continue to be alive targeting countries within its region. 

This talk will cover this particular retaliation operation, its history, its mission and its unique tactics, techniques and procedures and how this hacktivist group is considered more sophisticated than most groups we have read about. This talk will also share how recent hacktivist groups from China, India and the U.S. have also adopted a different approach and how these groups provide a new air to the future of hacktivism.


Network & Party!

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