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SINCON 2021 CXO Seminar

Date/Time: 01 Nov 2021 (Mon), 12pm—1.30pm

Venue: Virtual

The SINCON 2021 CXO Seminar aims to keep C-suites, leaderships and senior officers, from both the public and private sectors, abreast of the latest cybersecurity development.

Leaders and experts of various cybersecurity domains will come together to share and discuss cutting-edge techniques and solutions, and real-life scenarios and considerations in securing critical information infrastructure (CII) and business cyberspace.

Join the leaders and experts in an insightful session over lunch, and learn how to manage the next-generation risks, threats, and vulnerabilities.





Welcome & Opening Address

by Adrian Mahieu & Emil Tan, Organisers & Founders, Infosec In the City (IIC), SINCON


The Evolving Role of a CISO

by Lim Quan Heng, Regional Head of Asia, Privasec

Arguably, there has never been a better (or worse) time to bear the title of CISO. Discussions around cybersecurity have been happening in many conversations outside of the traditional infosec domain, and organisations are beginning to look at how cyber risk should be managed. Join Quan Heng as he takes you through the current perceptions of the CISO role, the challenges that arise from it and finally a possible strategy for the role moving forward.


Cyber Risk Success Criteria for Your Boards by Shamane Tan, Chief Growth Officer, Privasec

This session is a crash course for CISOs and cyber risk leaders. How do you give a cyber talk for non-cyber board directors? In this segment, author of ‘Cyber Risk Leaders: Global C-Suite Insights, Shamane Tan will walkthrough key extracts from her years of research and more than a thousand coffee meetings with CXOs from across the globe.


Locking In On Ransomware by Chris Connell, Managing Director, APAC, Kaspersky

It is almost certain that everyone has heard of the cybersecurity ‘disease,’ ransomware - a threat that has now mutated into “Ransomware 2.0” or the targeted ransomware. This type of attack goes beyond kidnapping a company’s or an organisation’s data. Almost always a “targeted ransomware” or Ransomware 2.0 refers to the groups who moved from keeping data hostage to exfiltrating data, coupled with blackmailing. With the aftermaths of a successful attack including significant monetary loss and damaging reputation loss, we need to educate ourselves about this cybersecurity disease now more than ever. After the recent wave of Lockbit attacks just last August globally, and here in Asia Pacific (APAC), we see another trend — the rise of "Ransomware-as-a-Service" or RaaS. What does this evolution mean to businesses and organisations in the region? What defences and steps are required to combat this ever-evolving threat? Chris Connell will discuss how ransomware and its evolutions can be tackled here in APAC, and around the world.


Securing Identities & Zero Trust by Samuel Evans, CEO, Pure IT Associates Stephen Swann, Director, Madigan Solutions & Ketan Kapadia, CEO & Co-Founder, BlokSec Technologies Inc.

In the last 20 years, Identity & Access Management (IAM) has changed, businesses have changed, how we work and how we interact has changed. However, what has not changed is the fundamental impact IAM can have on securing organisations; allowing the right people, the right access, to the right resources, at the right time. We will explore 3 topics: Why IAM is important? Why IAM projects fail? What the future holds for IAM?


Key Considerations for Securing Your Cloud Environment by Raphaël Peyret, Vice President, Product, Horangi

Securing the cloud is different from how the world had previously understood network and infrastructure security. Both attackers and defenders are impacted as human-created misconfigurations are taking centre stage. Raphaël Peyret takes us through the proven ways to continuously deal with the new attack vectors.


Shift Left — Why Is There a Movement to Shift Left & What Is Driving a View Towards Modernity in Cyber? by Niel Pandya, Cybersecurity Lead, APJ, Micro Focus

The term shift left has been widely used within DevSecOps to perform more testing earlier in the software development lifecycle, so what have we learnt from DevSecOps that we are applying to other areas of cyber? In this short session we will look at the focus areas and trends that are embedding the ‘Shift Left’ mindset across the enterprise.


A Special Forces Mindset to Cyber Warfare by Ben Sullivan, Technical Director, Cyber Security, NEXTGEN Group

Even before the advent of a global pandemic, IT security teams faced a challenging and dynamic environment as they sought to protect and defend their institutions against sophisticated cyber threats. From his experience serving in the Australian Army Special Forces, Ben Sullivan tells the story of the government’s defence approach in the face of a cyber warfare. He plans to take attendees through an educational journey on how to combat against cyber adversaries’ massive and coordinated cyber attacks in an increasingly interconnected world, and how the approach can transform countries and organisations’ cybersecurity defence.


Your Protection-as-a-Service Isn't Working. Do Zero Trust Right by Adrian M., Managing Director, alien8 Security

Many Protection-as-a-Service services and solutions you've procured a few years ago just don't cut it anymore. They are too reactive, and you might not even know that attackers have already chewed through the attacks chain. I'll be sharing some simple measures you can and should do to trust your network again. And know when you've already been compromised.


01 Nov 2021 will be jammed pack with many cybersecurity goodness with the Singapore Computer Society (SCS) also featuring their Play, Learn, Hear — Cybersecurity x Data Centre Webinar.

Level up your cybersecurity skills through an interactive cybersecurity game, learn how you can manage threat risks in data centre, and hear real-life red team stories on how you can better protect yourself in the cyber-physical world.


Interactive Cybersecurity Game by Kaspersky

This 1.5 hr cybersecurity game is an interactive cybersecurity simulation played all over the world by top managers and cybersecurity specialists, students and diplomats. Gain and upskill your cybersecurity experience of managing cyberattacks through a simulated experience of the impact of cyber-attacks and associated management decisions on business performance and revenue.


Play, Learn, Hear — Cybersecurity x Data Centre Webinar Welcome Address & Introduction


Threat and Risks in Data Centre and How to Conduct Data Centre Risk Assessment for Sustainability by Wong Tew Kiat, Chairman, SCS Data Centre SIG

It was reported by Uptime Institute that power failures are still the biggest cause of major outages, and such outages will cause major disruption to the continuity of businesses. Most outages could have been prevented with better management and processes. In this webinar, Tew Kiat will share his knowledge and experience on the common types of risks including human aspects and how they can be prevented with a good health check. Being in data centre Infrastructure and Operation Management for more than 20 years, Tew Kiat will share how to conduct data centre risk assessment and the challenges to maintain a healthy data centre.


Incognito War Stories, from a Hacker's Perspective by Jonah Tan, RED Consultant, Privasec

Cyber-attacks are on the rise – both the number and severity of attacks are increasing, meaning it's more important than ever for businesses to be knowledgeable and vigilant. Join Privasec RED Consultant Jonah Tan, as he walks through real-life stories of how the company’s team of ethical hackers have successfully penetrated through the human element of defence. In this session, Jonah will expose some of the common techniques used by cyber attackers. Key takeaways would include: Incognito war stories from the other side of past break-ins; A new mindset and perspective from the hacker’s point of view — businesses will learn valuable insights on how the human element can be easily exploited; Find out how to combat this with practical safety measures for a healthier security culture and posture.



Lim Quan Heng, Regional Head of Asia, Privasec

As Privasec's Regional Head of Asia, Quan Heng is passionate in making, breaking things and is driven to solve hard problems. As an entrepreneur active in the field of cybersecurity, he enjoys tinkering with electronics and writing code. He loves sharing the importance of cyber security with businesses, and helps in aligning it to their business strategies.

Shamane Tan, Chief Growth Officer, Privasec

As one of the most established women in the fields of technology and cybersecurity, Shamane Tan is the Chief Growth Officer at Privasec, leading the security outreach strategy with the C-Suite and executives. Recognised by IFSEC as one of the global top 20 cybersecurity influencers, the ‘Cyber Risk Leaders’ author was also recently listed in the 40 under 40 Most Influential Asian-Australians and Top 30 Women in Security ASEAN Region 2021. A TEDx speaker and podcaster, Shamane is also the Founder of Cyber Risk Meetup, an international community and platform for cyber risk executives to exchange learnings.

Chris Connell, Managing Director, APAC, Kaspersky

Chris Connell is Deputy Vice President of Global Sales, Managing Director for APAC and Managing Director for Northern and Eastern Europe at Kaspersky. He is responsible for the control of the company’s corporate and sales strategy execution, including sales framework development and implementation, sales pipeline planning and performance. A key component of Connell’s role is to ensure that all segments of Kaspersky’s businesses – SMB, Enterprise and Tangible – align with the business’ global sales strategy. Connell joined Kaspersky as UK and Ireland General Manager in March 2019 and his role quickly expanded to cover the Nordic and Benelux regions, before he was promoted to oversee operations across the wider European market and took on his current position as Deputy VP, Global Sales. His fresh perspective on Kaspersky’s business has helped the company identify many new opportunities for growth, and in January 2021 he assumed responsibility for Sales & Marketing in APAC as Managing Director for the region. Connell has more than 23 years' professional experience in sales and commercial leadership in various companies across many sectors, including Solution Selling, Consumer, B2B and Channel Sales. Prior to joining Kaspersky, Connell spent his career at companies such as Ingram Micro Europe and Australia, Tech Data and VIP Computers, working alongside brands such as Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Intel, IBM & Apple.

Samuel Evans, CEO, Pure IT Associates

Samuel Evans – CEO of Pure IT Associates, which he founded in 2009. He started his career as an IT Engineer before switching into IAM recruitment, project management and service delivery in 2005. He’s spent the past 15+ years building a trusted network of Identity & Access Management professionals, which he loves to leverage to both implement solutions for customers and help the wider IAM community. Pure IT entered Singapore in 2021, where Sam will be based for the foreseeable future.

Stephen Swann, Director, Madigan Solutions

Stephen Swann – Director of Madigan Solutions, a company specialising in Identity & Access Management services and platforms with a focus on the IBM Security Verify portfolio of products. Stephen has been working with IBM technology in the IAM space for almost 20 years and works closely with the IBM team as a partner advocate to help shape the direction their products go in. The Madigan team have a wealth of IAM experience across many geographical regions and vertical markets yet still get excited when a new programme of work begins.

Ketan Kapadia, CEO & Co-Founder, BlokSec Technologies Inc.

Ketan Kapadia – CEO & Co-Founder of BlokSec Technologies Inc, a company with a mission to deliver Verifiable Identity TM to stop identity-centric attacks and online fraud. Throughout his 20+ years of experience in advisory / consulting and software development services he has led numerous engagements in defining and executing strategies supporting organisational risk reduction that is aligned with organisational business requirements and digital transformation acceleration. He is a frequent speaker at security events and conferences in North America and Africa, and is regularly engaged with C-suite leaders across various organisations in presenting complex identity and cybersecurity concepts that is simplified to support effective business transformation and cyber resilience.

Raphaël Peyret, Vice President, Product, Horangi

Raphaël is an established product leader with over a decade of experience in cloud infrastructure and security. His career has taken him across continents and through entrepreneurship, startups and Google. He has built products for both consumers and businesses across multiple platforms and in particular cybersecurity products and solutions covering diverse areas such as mobile operating systems, device management, zero trust, and the cloud.

Niel Pandya, Cybersecurity Lead, APJ, Micro Focus

Niel has over 20 years’ experience in IT with half of that focused on Security, initially with Government Agency Projects in the UK such as MOD, MOJ and Benefits Agency and later with a technology vendor in ASEAN – where he was Business Development and Pre-sales lead for Data Security, IAM and System Management. Niel contributes regularly at several forums including GovWare, ISACA, Protect Philippines and Cloud Expo - sharing his passion for Security and Data Privacy.

Ben Sullivan, Technical Director, Cyber Security, NEXTGEN Group

Ben Sullivan is the Technical Director of Cyber Security at NEXTGEN Group. In his role, Ben is responsible for driving growth and overseeing the operations of the Cyber Security business unit. Most recently, he was the Security Technology Lead, and was responsible for delivering technology enablement and go-to-market consultations across the entire NEXTGEN Cyber Security portfolio for channel partners. Ben is an industry veteran and has deep subject matter expertise in the areas of cyber security and cloud technologies. Prior to this, Ben served in the Australian Army for 10 years, and has extensive experience in leading large-scale front-line and technical cyber security operations.


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