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SINCON 2021 Conference — APAC Cyber Readiness & Capacity Building — by Genie Gan

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

SINCON 2021 Conference — BizComm Talk

Day 1 (05 Nov 2021) 4.00pm—4.30pm @ Open Stage

APAC Cyber Readiness & Capacity Building


Cyber gangs are stepping up their campaigns across APAC. As a result, countries across the region are ramping up efforts to combat cyber threats, and face their own set of needs, strategies, capacities, and level of cyber resilience. But this is not merely a national problem — given the interconnectedness of the online space, there is potential for a cyber incident in one location to have regional or even global implications. Hence, how do we unify our efforts and support one another across organisations, sectors, and nations, to mount a collective defence against the growing and evolving forms of cyberattacks?

About Genie Gan

GENIE GAN is Kaspersky’s Head of Government Relations & Public Affairs for Asia Pacific, where she is responsible for developing trusted relations with institutional stakeholders for the company, while integrating the business, communications and company’s public policy strategies within Asia Pacific.

She holds a Graduate Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and a Bachelor of Accountancy (Honours), and a Specialist Diploma in Counselling Psychology. Called to the Singapore Bar, she is also Mediator and Mediation Coach at the Singapore Mediation Centre, and a Mediator at the Singapore International Mediation Institute.

She started her journeys in accountancy and law in Big Four Firms. In her early-20s, she founded a successful start-up in the services (music and coaching) industry. Genie later spent a significant time in Public Service as a government lawyer, taking on various portfolios such as Special Assistant to Minister(Law) and Singapore Delegate to the United Nations General Assembly, and Director for Representation and Law Reform at the Law Society.

Outside her professional portfolio, her passion for non-profit and charity work has led her to serve on various Boards and Committees of, and volunteer for, Non-Profit Organisations and pro bono legal causes.

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