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Treasure Maps: The Hidden Paths to Finding Information — by Terrence Tan

SINCON 2020 Conference Workshop Track

Day 2 (3 Jan 2021)


@ Workshop Room


Information is everywhere, and there is plenty of information available in the public domain that could be used to compromise you. Despite such availability, these data tend to be hidden out of sight yet within our reach!

In this workshop, we will address the basics of open-source intelligence including Google Dorking and Shodan. We will also look into high-profile intrusions into the private lives of ordinary citizens.

About Terrence Tan

TERRENCE TAN is a graduate from NUS Computing in Information Security and is an alumnus of the NOC Israel program. At the moment, he is an Engineer specializing in hardware and firmware testing and analysis for a memory solutions company. He is passionate in cybersecurity and is a frequent volunteer at security events including Black Hat and Hack In The Box (HITB). He believes that cybersecurity is everyone's responsibility and he loves to share everyday tips with everyone.

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