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Defending Docker Implementations — by Joshua Jebaraj

SINCON 2020 Conference Workshop Track

Day 1 (2 Jan 2021)


@ Workshop Room


Docker is one of the trending technologies that rules the IT ecosystem. Many companies have started to adopt the usage of Docker in their companies. However, Docker like many other technologies is not safe by default. We have to take certain steps to make sure that the Docker deployment is safe and secure.

This workshop introduces the attendees to Docker basics, discuss various security problems in the default configuration and also discuss the various defense mechanisms.

About Joshua Jebaraj

JOSHUA JEBARAJ is undergrad student currently pursuing his undergrad at Vellore Institute of Technology Chennai He is an active member of many open-source communities like Null, Ansible and Hashicorp He frequently speaks at null Chennai chapter and OWASP Vit Chennai He spoke at conferences like OWASP-Seasides, BSides Delhi and Open-Security Summit. He also holds a certification for CDP.

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