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Confirming Red Alerts — Taking Over & Compromising ICS & SCADA — by Mars Cheng & Selmon Yang

SINCON 2020 Conference Insights Track

Day 1 (2 Jan 2021)


@ Main Stage


In the past, the cybersecurity issues of Industrial control systems (ICS) were neglected. However, ICS connects with people's lives which consists of power, water, traffic, manufacturing and extends to critical infrastructure. In the past 10 years, more and more ICS cybersecurity incidents have happened which may cause loss of life and property. So we need to care about ICS cybersecurity issues and make sure we have a safe environment.

In our presentation, we will introduce the background knowledge of ICS, what kinds of security threats exist and attack vectors in ICS, and demo how hackers hack PLC with Industrial communication protocol. After hacking the demo, we will provide a defense strategy to secure ICS.

About the Speakers

Mars Cheng, Threat Researcher, Trend Micro, TXOne Networks Inc.

MARS CHENG is a threat researcher for TXOne Networks, blending background and experience in both ICS/SCADA and Enterprise cybersecurity systems. Mars has directly contributed to more than 10 CVE-IDs, and has had work published in three Science Citation Index (SCI) applied cryptography journals. Before joining TXOne, Mars was a security engineer at the Taiwan National Center for Cyber Security Technology (NCCST). Mars is a frequent speaker and trainer at several international cybersecurity conferences such as Black Hat, HITB, HITCON, SecTor, ICS Cyber Security Conference USA and Asia, CLOUDSEC, and InfoSec Taiwan as well as other conferences and seminars related to the topics of ICS and IoT security. Mars is general coordinator of HITCON 2021 and was the vice general coordinator of HITCON 2020.

Selmon Yang, Senior DPI Engineer, Trend Micro, TXOne Networks Inc.

SELMON YANG is a senior DPI engineer at TXOne Networks and Trend Micro. He is responsible for parsing IT/OT Protocol, Linux kernel programming and honeypot development and adjustment. Selmon also spoke at HITCON CMT and HITB.

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