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SINCON 2019 CXO Lunch Seminar

Date/Time: 18 Jun 2019 (Tue), 12pm—1.30pm

Venue: Marina Bay Sands, Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Level 5

A by-invitation event for C-suites and senior officers from both the public and private sectors.

Leaders and experts of various cybersecurity domains will come together to share and discuss cutting-edge techniques and solutions, and real-life scenarios and considerations in securing critical information infrastructure (CII) and business cyberspace.

Join the leaders and experts in an insightful session over an exquisite lunch, and learn how to manage next-generation risks, threats, and vulnerabilities.





Welcome & Opening Address

by Adrian Mahieu & Emil Tan, Organisers & Founders, Infosec In the City (IIC), SINCON


Return to Zero

by Dave Lewis, Cisco

The efforts to secure our networks and assets grows ever more daunting with each passing year. We must continually face attacks from external forces as well as contending with our core job requirements to keep the lights on. Data breaches have grown in scale over the last 7 years at a troubling rate. In order to better combat this here needs to be a return to focusing on the core competencies and how we can better secure the workforce, workload and workplace.


Tales from the Trenches by Steven D'sa, FireEye Mandiant Consulting Services

Few observations and insights to help enterprises get a sneak peek into the workings of breaches from recent investigations undertaken in the region by Mandiant.


Digital Shadows Reveals a 50% Increase in Exposed Data in 1 Year by Lawrence Loh, Digital Shadows

Misconfigured sharing protocols could result in multiple breaches of GDPR with 2.3 billion exposed files, including passport data, bank records and medical information, increasing risk of identity theft, ransomware attacks and more.


Why Are the Basics So Hard by Quentin Taylor, Canon

Why it's always easier to chase new infosec technology rather than fix the basic issues that surround us. If we look at some of the massive issues from botnets to cyberwar — the roots of the solution are the infosec basics.


Asset Discovery & Monitoring Is An Organisational Problem by Isaac Dawson, Linkai

Coordination between security teams and IT operations is mandatory for any successful information security program. Nowhere is that more poignant than continuously discovering and monitoring your external attack surface.


Driving Security Values With Threat Modelling by Avi Douglen, Bounce Security

How secure is secure enough? We’ve all been there – we’ve spent too much time and resources on security, but 3 months later we still get breached anyway. “But we followed all the ‘Best Practices’!” your developers cry. In this flash intro to secure software design, Avi Douglen will show why every software development process should start with Threat Modelling, and how this can get security to contribute to the bottom line.


What's PSIRT (Product Security Incident Response Team) & Why Is It Important? by Yuki Osawa, Panasonic

The number of cyber attacks has increased dramatically, and many large scale incidents have occurred around the world. Many organizations operate an incident response team called CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) to protect their PCs and servers in their networks. In recent years, the industry has also begun to recognize the importance of another type of incident response team, PSIRT, for their products.

Panasonic has operated PSIRT for more than 10 years to protect all of its products, such as TVs, network cameras, air-conditioners, etc. This presentation will introduce how Panasonic handles incidents targeting IoT devices.


Bridging the Attack-Defence Skills Gap by Vivek Ramachandran, Pentester Academy

Enterprises are spending more than ever on cybersecurity today. However, the number of hacks happening on high profile companies is only increasing in number every year. Why, even though companies are buying the latest products and technologies, are they still getting hacked? In this short talk, we will look at the 5 common mistakes employers do when training their security staff and how one can go about bridging this skills gap!


Global Interconnectivity & Why Cyber Ecosystems Are Vital by Linda Schindler, ICE71

With the increased interconnectivity between digital economies, cybersecurity ecosystems are crucial to innovation and cyber resilience.


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