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#IICSG2018 — ICS/SCADA Capture-the-Flag (CTF) Competition

Sponsored by NSHC


The ICS/SCADA CTF competition is open to all conference ticket holders to play, enjoy and compete. Participants simply have to register at the NSHC booth located at the Exhibition Foyer.


There are altogether 6 scenarios, each with its own set of challenges and scores. The scenarios and challenges are based on real ICS/SCADA simulations using real ICS/SCADA components. There are more than 50 challenges — providing an enjoyable and unforgettable experience for both Beginners and Experts.


Scenario #1 — Malware/Forensics

  • An Operator's Workstation

  • Windows System

  • Email Attachment

Scenario #2 IoT/Web Vulnerability Forensics 

  • Wireless LAN (WLAN)

  • No Access Control

Scenario #3 Bypass Airgap/Network/Cryptosystem

  • Windows System

  • Default Installation 

  • No Internet Access

Scenario #4 Bypass Airgap/HMI

  • Windows System 

  • PLC Developer's Workstation

  • USB Block

  • Only Mouse & Keyboard

Scenario #5 ICS Vulnerability in PLC

  • PLC Software/Firmware

  • 0-day

Scenario #6 ICS Infrastructure/Real-World

  • Simulation

  • Railway

  • Smart Grid


Each challenge may span across various challenge categories.

Challenge Category #1 Bypass Airgap

  • Industrial WiFi Hacking

  • Industrial Bluetooth

  • Radio Frequency (RF) Hacking

  • USB-based Microcontroller

  • Default Network-based Attack

Challenge Category #2 ICS Protocol

  • IEC 60870-5-101 or 104, IEC 61850, DNP3

  • Modbus

  • Incident Response for Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Challenge Category #3 PLC & HMI 

  • Well-known vulnerabilities

  • Password Cracking

  • 0-day Vulnerabilities (Discovered by NSHC Red Alert Team)

  • Control PLC, HMI

Challenge Category #4 Forensics 

  • Networking — Industrial Network Capture

  • Documents

Challenge Category #5 Misc. 

  • Shodan & IoT Manipulation 

  • ZoomEye Search for SCADA Equipment 

  • OSINT for Critical Infrastructure

  • Trivia

Challenge Category #6 Critical Infrastructure Security

  • Water Treatment System Hacking

  • Smart Grid & Meter Hacking

  • Railway System Hacking

  • Energy Power Plant System Hacking

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